Welch Cattle Co., Colorado

Verification Programs  

Welch Cattle Company participates in Age and Source Verification, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle, Verified Natural Beef and BeefCARE. As you’ve probably heard more than once by now, BeefCARE is our sustainability program that helps farmers, ranchers and food producers with sustainability and continuous improvement. Sustainable practices and verification provide you with the peace of mind of knowing where your food comes from.  Welch Cattle Company is proud to partner with Where Food Comes From to help bring transparency to your table.  Making the decision to participate in third-party verification programs was an easy decision because they already had most of the practices in place.

Why Verify?

They care deeply for their land, animals, community, and employees. They ranch in a very unforgiving climate where drought is common, they meet the fragile ecosystem on its terms. Sometimes this means making certain sacrifices when it comes to profitability.  The health of their cattle and land come first.  They strive to put their very best effort into everything they do. At the end of the day, John and team want you to trust and feel confident sharing their products with your family and friends.

Third-party verification programs are important for several reasons. One, it holds the ranch accountable for their actions and claims. The verifiers (Hey! That’s us!) are adept at their job and recognize when programs are in place. More importantly, it gives you confidence that our products are what Welch Cattle Company say they are. With the support of Where Food Comes From, Welch Cattle’s claims are validated for the cattle feeders, packers, retailers, and customers.  This means everyone can be confident that WCC is providing safe, healthy, well-cared-for, and nutritious beef.

Learn more about Where Food Comes From CARE.