Travaille & Phippen, California

Sustainability Efforts  

Today, the team at Travaille & Phippen, Inc. voluntarily utilize the SureHarvest (a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc.) Farming MIS software system that allows them to track their sustainability efforts over time to allow for continuous improvement. This software helps growers share and learn best practices within the industry while improving efficiencies in a sustainable manner.  Consumers want to know more and more about how their food is grown, and if it is being grown both responsibly and sustainably.

Why track their sustainability efforts?

Travaille & Phippen, Inc. wants you to know your almonds are grown sustainably. Farming has become highly technical, which has allowed Travaille & Phippen, Inc. to elevate their sustainability efforts. They use special tools for drip irrigation to ensure the trees and soil are well cared for while also ensuring they are watering their trees responsibly and efficiently. Every aspect of their business is strategically cared for by their team. Being a family business, they understand the need to provide quality products for your family, which is why they know tracking and measuring their sustainability efforts is important.