McCarty Family Farms, Kansas


McCarty Family Farms is CARE Certified under the DairyCARE Standard, a program that Validus, a div. of WFCF, audits to.  This certification has three pillars – animal welfare, environmental and worker care.  McCarty also takes party in many other third-party verification programs –  Non-GMO Project, Safe Quality Food (SQF) and the Validus Traced and Controlled Plant audit at their plant.  Their goal is to push their farms to the highest levels possible in terms of performance, accountability, and transparency. They believe that the verification programs offered through WFCF and Validus gives their customers – and consumers – confidence in their products. 

 Why Verify? 

“Third-party verification helps hold the team accountable to the stakeholders and demonstrates that the team is truly providing the best product possible through sustainable practices.  Our team has a responsibility to everyone associated with the farms.  That includes the cows, teammates, customers and the communities that support them.  Where Food Comes From allows us to meet those responsibilities,” said McCarty.

Through the use of the verification programs, McCarty has continuously improved their cattle wellbeing, environment, and business.  They value consumer trust and relationships which is why they choose to participate in these verification programs.  The audits maintain high standards that consumers now demand when it comes to their food choices.  The entire family, and team, loves their cows, teammates, communities and their farms.  They love every opportunity to show anyone and everyone what they do and why they do it.  So the next time you walk down the yogurt aisle, think of McCarty Family Farms and the amount of CARE they put into your finished products.

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