Louriston Dairy, Minnesota


Today, Riverview’s Louriston location participates in the Validus Animal Welfare Review Dairy (AWRD) verification process.  Remember, Validus is a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc.  The Validus program includes comprehensive audits and assessments to ensure proper practices when it comes to the animal’s well-being and environment.  The program requires ongoing auditing and recertification on an annual basis.  In addition to being Validus certified, they also implemented their own program on the farm called Be Kind.  The goal of the program is to reinforce the commitment to the well-being of their animals.  At Riverview’s Louriston dairy, animal care is essential for the viability of their business. Their focus is to provide essential ongoing training to all employees to ensure animal care it taken very seriously.

Why Verify?

Each year farmers find better ways to care for their livestock, and Riverview’s Louriston dairy is no exception.  Technology has played a key role in enhancing farm and livestock care.  This means providing the best living environment for the livestock.  Through the partnership with Validus, they have been able to stay informed of new guidelines and processes that help keep their farm top notch.  What Validus does for consumers is important because it helps tell the story of where their food originates and the process it goes through.  As farmers, they have always been dedicated to livestock care, environmental stewardship, food safety, quality, and employee care. They feel it is important to work with Validus to help educate consumers and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their food.

At Riverview’s Louriston dairy, passion is key to their success.  They believe humane treatment of their livestock is a passion, an attitude, and a necessity.  They strive to have employees and owners that are passionate about agriculture, farming, and their communities.  To learn more about this innovative group of farmers be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.