Five Dot Ranch & Cookhouse, California

Introducing Five Dot 

In 1994, Todd stepped in to take over the daily operations of the ranch. Since that time, Todd and his wife, Loretta have maintained the herd and in 2006 developed a branded beef program named Five Dot Ranch.  The program is Verified Natural Beef. They had been raising Natural cattle since the ’90s and saw a demand in California, so moving toward a third-party verified program was an easy transition for them.

They spent every weekend visiting farmers markets throughout the state, which is what got them noticed by the people that were opening up the Oxbow Public Market in Napa, Cali.  So, in 2008, they took the plunge and dove head first into the restaurant industry! Today, their beef product is sold wholesale to multiple restaurants in California, and most recently has been added to Crowd Cow.  Todd and Loretta’s children now assist with the ranch and make up the 7th generation family ranching legacy, and the first born of the 8th generation was born last year!


Today, Five Dot Ranch takes part in many, many verification programs through Where Food Comes From and their IMI Global division.  They are Source & Age Verified, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC), Verified Natural Beef (VNB), Non-GMO Project and CARE Certified.  Todd is dedicated to creating a product he’s proud to put their family’s name on. Through the use of verification programs and labeling claims, the team is able to learn about new processes and Standards that help continually improve their product. Verification is more than a term, it’s a commitment to their consumers.

Why Verify

The team at Five Dot Ranch is highly skilled and focused on the quality of their Angus cattle herd. This includes everything from what the cattle eat to their daily care. They own and trace every cattle they produce because they know the importance of understanding the story behind your food. Their standards are high and proud producers of beef. They believe in order to raise natural cattle they must provide the finest environment and sustainable practices. If you want to learn more about Five Dot Ranch check out their site, and stay tuned for our next WFCF Storybit video!