Bogle Winery, California


1,900 acres and growing!  The Bogle family knows a thing or two about nurturing the land.  They understand it’s essential to their business that the vitality of the land be cared for to continue harvesting year after year.  The land and water are part of their livelihood and they firmly believe in leaving those resources in better shape than when they started.

“What sustainability means to me is to strive to be better than previous generations whether that is being a better farmer, a better boss or a better friend to the environment…and it’s giving the next generation a chance to do the same thing.”


When we all do our part, the environment becomes a better place for us to live and thrive in.  As part of CALIFORNIA RULES, an expansion of LODI RULES program, Warren and team are expected to follow the same rigorous standards and auditing practices.  So, what does that mean?  Not depleting the soil and preserving the natural resources by limiting the effects of the vineyard operations.

The Bogle family is always improving their craft so that every pour of their wine leaves you wanting more. Maintaining a sustainable vineyard is hard work, but well worth the sacrifice.  Today, they are Certified Green by CALIFORNIA RULES as well as participants in the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance program.

In 2018, they were honored with the Green Medal Leader Award for demonstrating environmentally sound and economically viable practices.  Always striving for more, in 2019 they were named the American Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast, which was a truly humbling experience for the family.

Let’s raise a glass to the Bogle family, past and present, who have dedicated their lives to great winemaking and sustainability!

To learn more about sustainable wine practices and where you can purchase their wine, visit their website.